from an interview by Jean Schwarzkissingbear :

First things first: Can you introduce yourself and quickly return to the band's history ?

The Pitch : 1989. I answer a classified : a band from Lyon is looking for a guitarist. The drummer goes away for musical differences. It remains the bass player (Eric), a singer (Christophe, a dark hair (and dark clothed) singer who sings like the singer of Indochine, even worse) and I, guitarist who has a drum machine. The band immediately turns to Dark Wave. Composistions are very quickly made. Christophe transforms his voice in the deep. In six months, an cassette is ready: Urban Line.
A concept album (CD) goes out in 1993: Loreen. Eric leaves us because he does not like the black side.
Art Decade works with dancers for various projects (among others a show of 45 minutes: The Stone).
In 1996, we are exceeded by the project of the new album. Too complex, personal problems, differences of points of view... Separation.

Since the split in 1996, I went up several pop bands, (Eventide, The Referees) and I recorded several albums and made about a hundred concerts.

Christor : I totally stopped the music. I always hoped that Art Decade were a dormant band and that it would re-form. I found regrettable that we were not able to finalize the third album.

The Pitch : We regularly saw each other, friendly, drinking beers and evoking the good old days. The success of the Myspace was a detonator. " For God's sake, there are people who like Art Decade. Maybe it would be good music !! " We listened again to the demos of the unreleased third album. The technical quality was good. We thus decided to end it.

Christor : Yes, and now, we also drink beers, but we make music, too. (laughter)

A small word about Bowie, seen the name of your band?

Christor : It is clear that David Bowie is one of major artists of the 20th century. Art Decade was not necessarily inspired by his music, but rather by the man chameleon looking permanently, and throughout his discography, to be interested in various musical styles. I chose the title of one of his songs, because we wanted for Urban Line, our first album, to pay a tribute in the musics of the 80s. Moreover this album begins with the track called "1980" and ends with "1990".

The side "revival" is not dangerous for the creativity (labels which content with making of the republication, the new groups which bring nothing very new) or it is about a second chance ?

The Pitch : I am well annoyed. When went out the groups of "Cold Revival", I said to myself: "No, it is not true ! They redo the blow of Woodstock 30 years later !
And then not, by thinking about it well, these groups really bring something. It does now well me pleasure to listen to : "She wants Revenge" or "Interpol". I can feel a real faith in their work.

Christor : I do not recognize myself in this "Gothic" naming. I remain attached to the term Cold wave. But I agree with you. I was delighted to hear similar sounds we heard in the 80's. I felt at home. Sometimes, I even hear music which sounds like Art Decade, it is to say. It comforted us.

What are the groups which make you really enjoy today ?

Christor : I do not deny my favourite bands of the 80's. I am always a fan of what I listened to 20 years ago: Sisters of Mercy, Norma Loy, Coil, Siouxsie, Depeche Mode...
I listen to post-rock (Mogwai, Archive, ...). I can also listen to some Pop like Blur, Radiohead, Muse. I could quote you from bands more or less known as : Midnight Juggernauts, Klaxons, The Preset, Empire of the Sun, Arcade Fire...

The Pitch : I have to admit that we are gluttonous of current musics. Internet is an incredible luck for us. The download made me discover hundreds of bands.
We always listen to progressive bands, from 60's to 2010's.

Does this progress in your discography correspond to a particular search? Have you a fixed creative intention?

The Pitch : The first album was the work of a trio : bass + guitar + Rhythm box and vocals", very common during the 90's. We were completely in the "Cure mode". We made rock, with a aim to develop our feelings (voice, guitar solo).

Christor : We wanted to pay a tribute in the music of the 80's. The Pitch, please recognize it, you have a way of playing very close to Robert Smith, which was not to displease me. I am delighted that you underlined the quality of the soloes of The Pitch.
The second album, Loreen, was based on a concept : from a song of the first album (Urban Line), I imagined the life of the hero and invented the world of his birth to his death.

The Pitch : Almost all the tracks are in a single tone: C minor. We wanted to create a universe, as the authors of science fiction novels can make. We discovered the sampler, we created sounds, we invented a personal way ot mixing.

Christor : The notion of a concept album is due to the influence of the bands of progressive music of the 70's we are fans of (Pink Floyd, Genesis, Van der Graaf Generator).

The Pitch : Dance shows also were a way to create some emotion by developing our passion for the industrial and noisy music. Behind contemporary dancers, it was necessary to make feel strong things to the spectators. We arrived there, I guess, even if the reactions were sometimes hostile (horrified shouts during a concert at the Transbordeur).

Christor : With the third album, Acide gauloise, we tried to create a new style. Influenced by Pink Dots, we wanted to tell a story in every song, what involves changing tone and rhythm in every track. And thereby, turn to new styles and widen our musical pallet.

What is your creative process?

Christor : During the early years, The Pitch submitted his ideas. If they were good, I wrote lyrics. For the last album it's was completely different. I recorded vocals ideas on my Iphone. The Pitch tried to put bass on these fragments. His imagination made the rest.

The Pitch : Easy, isn't it ? (laughter)

And now, a new album...

The Pitch : Our style has further evolved. We worked much more than the previous albums. Many different orchestrations. No noise, no samples. In fact, much more music.We add guitar solos, accoustic guitars, bass, and many others. Christor was never happy. I worked hard on a measure a week long, he told it was shit next week. I had to start again and again and again. It is a nightmare working with Christor (laughter!)

Christor : OK ! But it was worth it, isn't it ?

The Pitch : I agree ! Anyway, the album is now distributed by MUSEA, which means we didn't work in vain.

Christor : At last, we can say that we are very proud of the album.