New album (April 2015)

The Pitch & Christor

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recorded and made during coronavirus containment


ART DECADE is now distributed by MUSEA.
Novö Lüxo can be ordered there.

A reminder : Some notices concerning the previous record : "Acide Gauloise" (2011)

"18 years after their last album, 10 years after their separation, now finally comes the new album from ART DECADE. Our two compatriots were able to put up to date their formula already so unique at the time. An odyssey between medieval music and electro arrangements: Dark Ambient, waxing lyrical, and tribute to the French Ambient Underground scene go hand in hand in this amazing album. For fans of LEGENDARY PINK DOTS ."
SEASON OF MIST (october 2011)

"Art Decade remained in the dark side of the musical world and reminds "The Legendary Pink Dots" a lot, at their best, and more. More interesting, Art Decade passes the stage of the comparison, showing a real singularity and you can sense gradually for itself. Musical ideas sprout and unfold with admirable majesty all along 13 tracks without any boredom (January 2012)
See the complete criticism in the webzine : Neospheres.

"Here we are with the return of Christor and The Pitch for the third album which will delight inevitably the followers of the "Legendary Pink Dots" (to say the opposite would be deceive). To the program: Madness, Extravagance, Hallucinations... A kind which was sorely lacking to us listening to the recently received productions. We think confusedly of "The Residents", the synthetic violins of the first "Das Ich" (" Acide Gauloise "), in a mix of the "Les Tétines Noires", "Rise and Fall of a Decade and
" (" Jane the Aeroplane "), it is to say the blocked atmosphere. So much the better. The band , always charging in, breaking "clichés", venturing on multiple tones but always a severely dark climate (they cannot deny their past). "Holy Land/Holly Land" remaining a beautiful summary of the psycho-dark atmosphere of the record. No need to say more, you should already have ordered this record, you nutcases!
TWICE n°47 February 2012

album 2011

The Pitch and Christor in studio

Three albums: "Urban Line", "Loreen" and "Acide Gauloise"are available on the platforms of download

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